Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui is committed to ensuring and preserving the privacy of all visitors to the website.

The policy provides all the information required to understand how Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui uses and protects the information that is supplied as a consequence of using the site. By registering or by making a reservation via this website you, the user, consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information under the terms of this policy. Should you have any questions related to this policy, please email:

What information do we collect ?
Whilst using this website you may be asked to provide information about yourself, this is also known as a ˜personally identifiable information”, so that a service can be provided. An example of this would be any information that you submit when ordering a brochure via this website. As part of the process you will be asked to submit, amongst other information, your email address. This email address will be used to confirm the order of the brochure and in the future may also be used to contact you for further communications; this could be to promote future events that may be of interest. More information related to emails can be found in the email section also found in this policy.

Browsing this website
In order to improve the functionality and provide the relevant content some information will be collected when you browse this website. However none of this information will be personally identifiable. As a result of browsing this website we will not know your name, address or email address unless you knowingly provide this a voluntarily manner. When browsing this website and request a page from the website certain information will be logged. The servers will log the information provided in the HTTP request header, this will include the IP number, the time of the request and the URL of the page that has been requested. There is other information contained within in the HTTP header and this is used to monitor user behavior and will inform decisions that could be made to provide a better service whilst using this website.

When making a reservation or ordering a brochure via this website you will be required to provide personally identifiable information. This information may well be used in the future by us in order to promote services, events or other products related to Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui. In some cases it may be used for direct marketing.

In the case of making a reservation, if it is cancelled, your personally identifiable information will be kept on record, however it will not be accessed again. After completing your stay with us the information provided to make the reservation, unless you inform us otherwise, will be used for marketing purposes as outlined at the start of this section. Should you wish to opt out (unsubscribe) from further this can be done via the unsubscribe link.

Whilst every effort is made to protect the information that you provide us, we are unable to guarantee the safety of any information that is provided by yourself via this website.

Third parties
Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui use carefully selected third parties to carry out certain functions on our behalf. These include marketing companies and email service providers. Any personally identifiable information that is provided to these third parties is done so for only purposes specified by Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui. They are contractually prohibited to use it for any other purpose.

Cookies are used on this website. Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui aims to provide you with the best service possible whilst using this website. As a result cookies are used in various forms throughout the site. Cookies are small text files which are located in your browser directory and contain information about your browsing session, an example is, which pages you visit. Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui also works with some carefully-selected partners who may use cookies on our web pages. An example of how these would be used it to see how you arrived at and used our website. These cookies can be blocked via the browser settings, (please refer to the instructions of your chosen browser) but by doing this you will restrict the functionality of the site and effect the certain key functions e.g. some transactions and the ability to view key content. Cookies can be split into two types, but please note that neither is harmful to your computer. The first type is known as ˜essential” and these help you carry out certain key functions when using the website i.e. navigating from page to page to complete transactions. The second type and known as ˜nonessential”. Typically these are used to analyze data which is captured as you navigate the site. This data informs decisions that are made to improve the service that Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui offer via this website. For example it can capture certain information during your visit, such as your location, this is stored so when you next visit this information is to hand and will save you from entering it again. There is an independent guide to cookies and this can be found here;

As part of providing a quality and informative service to you we may send communications via email. These will mostly to inform you of upcoming events that may be of interest. Occasionally they may be in reference to special offers or promotions that we may offer. These emails are typically sent via an email service provider. This provider will send emails using your email address that relate to our products and services. They are prohibited from using your email address for any other purpose. Should you wish to unsubscribe from further communications then please follow the instructions contained within the emails.

The Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui website contains links to other websites. This policy only applies to this website and Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui is not responsible for the policies and practices of other sites that may found via these links.

Legal Information and Issues
You have the right to access any personal information that is held by Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui. If you wish to obtain this information then please write to us. The address can be Infinity Residences & Resort Koh Samui be found on the contact page of this website. The only time that your personal information will be disclosed without your permission is when it is required to do so by law. Also this may be done in good faith when it is believed action should be taken to protect guests and visitors against suspected criminal activity. This includes this website.