A commitment to excellence, luxury and the science of beauty

Welcome to the Wellness Center of Infinity Residences & Resorts Koh Samui, an oasis of serenity, a timeless place away from the city life.

We invite you to discover our haven of wellness and beauty, with its wide range of luxurious and exclusive face and body treatments and anti-aging therapy. Through our selection of distinct massages services, you will escape the demands of daily life and experience our signature touches. Share a memorable moment with that special someone in our couple Spa Suite, experiencing a scent of calmness overlooking the sea.

Each treatment will give you a unique tailor made experience, with outstanding results, combining modern and ancestral technics designed to give each client an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Our know-how, combined with scientific advances in natural skincare products, means that we can offer a fully personalized experience with remarkable results.

Our dedicated Team of professionals remains at your service for an unforgettable experience at the Wellness Center of the Infinity Residences & Resorts, Koh Samui.

Beauty Rituals

In their pursuit of timeless beauty, our team goes beyond ordinary skincare to intercept ageing at its source for the world’s most discerning women, helping treatments help combat premature ageing, environmental damage and the stress of modern living.


Enjoy a fascinating encounter with the essences… relax with a massage that will renew you both mentally and physically. Our exceptional body treatments and rituals pamper the skin and body with an array of sensory experiences. They indulge all of the five senses while allowing you to reach incomparable pleasure and transcendence.


To continue your fit lifestyle away from home, our highly skilled and certified trainers are available to coach you in order to increase your cardio vascular capacity, to maintain your muscles toned, for a complete workout.

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Modern Life and its stresses have created a need for a retreat where we can give ourselves the time and attention we neglect to in our everyday lives. Coming soon, a huge range of activities including Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi, Detox programs...

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