Experience wide ranging
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Splendid sights
of underwater mountains

Enjoy exciting
water sports

At Infinity Residences & Resorts Koh Samui, you can choose between the pleasures of a peaceful relaxation holiday or the excitement of wide ranging leisure activities...

Infinity Residences Resort offers guests the opportunity to experience a range of activities during their stay, such as windsurfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling... or you also can enjoy playing tennis or golf at the nearby Santiburi Resort & Country Club, one of the finest golf courses in Thailand.

Our reception team is at your entire disposal to book tours excursions to discover the Koh Samui jungle on the back of an elephant or by jeep. Some other recommended tours feature a visit to the nearby islands or the national park of Angthong by sailing boat, catamaran or by speed boat, one of Thailand’s highlight.

What to do


Enjoy a stress free and pleasant day traveling around the island in a luxury van with full services as complimentary drinks, snacks and fresh fruits. Visit selected cultural and historical places while being introduced to the local history and island lifestyle. The tour comprises the visit of Hua Thanon traditional Muslim fishing village. You will then discover a traditional habitation through the oldest standing house of the island. After a short jungle trip, you will be introduced to a local Coconut farm, with of course Monkeys in action. The tour follows in the mountains with an 80 meters waterfall where you can if you wish ride an elephant (not included).


The Island Tour of Koh Samui is a wonderful family day out, experiencing the sights, sounds and tastes of this exotic tropical island. Start the day at the Bay of Chaweng and see the symbolic rock formation ancestors of Koh Samui: Grandfather and Grandmother, locally known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai. Your next stop is an authentic coconut farm where you will see the monkeys at work and get a taste of the fresh milk from coconuts hand delivered by the monkeys themselves. The trip continues with a visit to the beautiful Samui waterfall Nam Muang for an afternoon swim, and then on to the capital of the island, Nathon, for some bargain shopping.


This is your chance to get up with the exotic animal friends of Koh Samui. Ride through the island jungle on the back of an elephant, and then meet the baby of the herd. Ride in a cart pulled by an ox and see how they do it in traditional Thai farms. Itineraries may vary, so tell your concierge if you would like to visit a rubber plantation, watch a monkey show, take a cooking lesson or head to the hills for some high view-point photos. Hop in a jeep for the second part of your journey. Cool off in the waters of Nam Muang 2 waterfall, which is more than 80 meters high. You'll work up an appetite for a delicious meal on the sea shore to round off the excursion.


Discover all the sights of Koh Samui by jeep. You will begin your day by visiting a coconut plantation where you can admire the specially trained monkeys at work picking the fruit from high up in the trees. You can also taste the flesh and the milk from these coconuts which make the reputation of this island. As you drive through the jungle, the chauffeur will show you his driving talents as the roads are quite narrow and winding. After this exciting drive you will reach a waterfall where you can even take a dip in the water Lunch is reserved in a restaurant offering you not only a nice meal but a fantastic view as well. In the afternoon you will have a great variety of visits: a mystic garden, a rubber plantation, banana groves as well as more splendid views and waterfalls when driving through the jungle of Koh Samui


Discover the island of Koh Samui seen from the sea! You will board a two-floor boat in the morning and it will take you a whole day to make the trip around the island. You will leave from the beach of Big Buddha to discover the coves and beaches of Thong Sai, Choengmon, Chaweng, Lamai, Hua Thanon and Laem Set. The purpose is to arrive on the island of Koh Tan which is also called the "green peace island." Here you can enjoy diving with snorkeling equipment in the coral reef or swim or relax on the beach. Afterwards you will enjoy a delicious meal in the house of the governor in the village of Koh Tan. On the return journey the boat will slow down at five small islands, famous for their nests of swallows. You will get back at Na Thon - the capital of Koh Samui - at the end of the afternoon.


This half-day activity is one of the most exotic, adventurous and elegant experience available on Koh Samui! A traditional long-tail boat will take you on a private cultural tour to the amazing world of the Five Islands. Here you will see caves, beaches and bamboo dwellings precariously perched on limestone cliffs and pinnacles. The islands are home to a mysterious and rarely seen phenomenon: the ancestral craft of harvesting bird nests, the principle ingredient of making Chinese bird's nest soup. Swim, snorkel and enjoy refreshments on a secluded beach, followed by an unforgettable lunch or sunset dinner at The Five Island Restaurant. Two "Kantok" style menus are available for you to choose from.

Where can I dive ?

Diving Without a doubt the south of Thailand is home to some of the finest and most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, surrounded by crystal clear water and stunning coral. And that is the main reason why the number of divers coming to Thailand has escalated over the past decade or so. Even though the best time of the year to dive in the Koh Samui is between June and August, it is still perfectly possible to dive virtually all year round. As diving in Thailand is considered one of the safest destinations for diving and snorkeling in the world, it is perfect for first-timers wanting to try these pastimes out.

The sea visibility in some places around Koh Samui is almost very good (distances of up to 10-30 meters). One can enjoy splendid sights of underwater mountains, coral gardens, undersea rock formations, hard and soft coral and whale sharks.

Samran Pinnacle

Since the currents in this area are often quite strong, this site is recommended therefore, for experienced divers. Due to the currents being like this, the site is a haven for bringing in larger pelagic such as barracuda, jacks. There are three submerged pinnacles near Sail Rock.

'Ko Kra & Koh Losin'

These two small islands located to the south-east of Samui, which because of its remotest, don’t get too many divers. Black tip sharks, manta rays and hard to find loggerhead turtles can be seen.

Food & Drinks

Samui is well known for its coconuts, which are available everywhere and quite tasty. Southern Thai food in general is renowned for its spiciness. Much of the cuisine has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian food. Favorite dishes from the south include Indian-style Muslim curry (massaman), rice noodles in fish curry sauce (Khanom Jeen) and chicken birayani. Popular local food is salted eggs and delicious rambutan, too.

There is a Distillery that brews 5 flavors of rum on one of the side roads on the South Coast of the island, which offers tours during the sugar cane season and free samples any time. The flavors are natural (sugar cane), lemon, orange, pineapple, and coconut. Natural and coconut are actually quite tasty, lemon has a very strong pleasant citrus flavor, and you won't miss anything if you don't try the other two. They also have a delicious mixer to serve with consisting of lime juice, cinnamon, and other spices. Worth heading to if you're in the area or just for the novelty of sampling authentic Thai rum.